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Physicians and Individuals, organizations providing Health Care services can develop comprehensive health care according to 9 Elements or more as suggested below.

And for individuals interested in holistic health care, have the right and appropriate knowledge for a safe and effective way of health care.

Mentor Coaches can help develop these.

Mentor Coach content and programs are developed from real needs and responsive research from Mentee & Coachee who want to develop health.



Health care has many different experiences, especially depending on attitudes and perceptions and motivations about health.

Usually, when it comes to Education – people will think of the level of education, and often people think of the 12th grade, college, university, master's, doctorate ….

Few people think about Education, for other issues.
A lot of life skills, knowledge of success & happiness are taught in families with intellectual property.



And so is the knowledge and attitude about health care. When it comes to the concept of High Education on Healthcare – it refers to the level of education / education in True / Proven / Scientific Health Care.

And of course, knowledge about Health Care also has many levels and fields. From knowledge about disease and disease prevention and treatment, to knowledge of Fitness, Sports, Nutrition, Mental Health, …


How to get a high education in Health Care?
Let's start by changing the habits and attitudes of Healthcare with PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE/SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE.


Doctors, friends, relatives, newspapers … everyone will advise you – Exercise is good for your health. And millions of pages of information, advertising, and sharing from family, relatives, friends … about Fitness.

So you just exercise according to what you hear, see, feel without even learning the correct rules in exercise.

Sometimes, because of lack of knowledge, there will be very small and basic mistakes in the practice process that will lead you to health disasters later.
Typical examples of sports injuries involve the spine, joints, muscles, … even the head.

These injuries can happen silently due to long-term poor posture, or can happen right at the time of exercise.

Change habits by learning about your body, choosing the right exercise for your body, exercising with the right technique, certain subjects supervised by a Coach, … to exercise Safely and Efficiency.


For example, do you do Squat – the squat technique? Ha ha, it looks like hunker down – hey, don't think squatting means hunker down in the countryside all the time, it's easy. t's a squat in exercise, not a hunker down.

There are many squat techniques – but it is important to know the basics so that you don't make mistakes that cause injury to your Legs, Knees & Spine.

Basic exercises are correct, you are healthy, your thighs are tight, your buttocks, and your belly is strong.
If you are practicing for the first time, find a Coach with good knowledge and practice to help you establish good Squat habits.


Image source from Subiaco Physiotherapy

When practicing, the 2 Knees do not come together, do not come out of the toes. And it is best to keep the knee in line with the ankle.

??? You would say, then you can not sit down deeply, right?

What is your goal? Is to sit down deeply. Or is your goal SAFETY and EFFECTIVE.

Sit down deeply – it's just like in our hometown hunker down – back arched, all body weight resting on Knees and ankle joints.

To be honest, have you ever seen someone sitting like that all the time with a beautiful shape, slim belly, strong thighs and legs, tight butt?

So the goal is Safety & Efficiency.

You keep the correct technique, and lower yourself as far as you can, to start working.

Over time, your body will know the yoke of balance, muscle groups will get stronger, and you will be able to keep your body down deeper.

The best position is the knee in right-angle= the knee is in line with the ankle and the thigh is parallel to the floor.

If you have knee pain when practicing the correct technique, then your knee is weak or there is a previous injury, you need another move to make your knee strong, do not try with this activity, it will injure the knee.


Image source from Subiaco Physiotherapy

There are more than 8 other attentions, for example: Spine: keep the Shoulder – Back – Butt – and neck forms a straight diagonal line, protecting the spine, or have right breath, Squat down breath in – stand up breath out, …


Reference form the Website: "Anytimefitness"
  1. The back is flat against the wall.
  2. Place the feet firmly on the ground, shoulder-width apart, and then about 2 feet out from the wall, the Knee and feet open out, not make the knee comes together.
  3. Slide the back down the wall while keeping the core engaged and squat down until the thigh in a 90-degree angle—or right angle comepare with legs, thigh parallel with floor. The knees should be directly above your ankles, not jutting out in front of them.
  4. HOLD the position, while contracting your ab muscles. 
  5. When you’re ready to wrap it up, take a few seconds to slowly come back to a standing position while leaning against the wall.

Modification: If you are one of the many people who are uncomfortable or unable to hold a wall sit at a 90-degree angle, don’t slide down as far. Instead, go for a 45 or 30-degree angle between your quads and torso. You can also decrease the time of your wall sit exercises by several seconds, then work your way up to holding for longer periods of time.

Again, it’s more about form and less about hold times. Keep that pelvis tucked under, that lower back against the wall, shoulders down and pressed against the wall (along with your head), and smile! It’s a neat cheat to make your body think you like this. Of course, eventually you will. This is promise form the Fitness experts.


Learn only 01 Basic Squat Technique in sports and find it necessary to know about the body, this does not include nutrition and drinking water during practice, or develop deeper breathing techniques , or improve Squat diversification.

So, how can we take care of our health properly in a HUGE SEA of KNOWLEDGE?

Let's start with Mentor Coach.


Depending on your knowledge and choices, a Mentor, a Coach or both can help you have the health care in the right method.

How can Mentor Coach help in healthcare? Mentor Coach can help for 9 objectives and more.

Mentor Coach & 9 Objectives

  1. Perception and Perspective – Coaching or Mentoring/Consulting helps you to open up your knowledge and access the perspective and awareness that are the foundational driving force for holistic care and development.
  2. Health status and goal setting – Every year if you have the habit of General Health Checkup – congratulations, you have a basic knowledge of body health. But do you know what all the indicators mean? And have you set goals to manage your health? – Coaching will help you have a series of open-ended questions to discover about your real health needs and condition, Mentor will share the experiences, knowledge and support, thereby helping you fully realize your own health, appropriate health care & health goal design.
  3. Health Care List: Which categories work and prioritize for you for the best performance? Mentor Coach will design with you.
  4. Sports & exercise: Which sports/ exercise are suitable for your interests, convenience and motivation that are right for your health condition and goals? Mentor Coach will help you discover.
  5. Healthy lifestyle. What is healthy living, and how did you acquire these habits?
  6. Mindset and Mental Health. Stress causes many diseases and can lead to heavy disease, affecting the Heart, Digestive, increasing the risk of Stroke and can lead to Death or total damage to mental health. Having knowledge and habits of early recognition, habit of preventing and treating problems of Thinking and Mental health helps to have a fulfilling life.
  7. Nutrition
  8. Disease journey
  9. According to Disease:
    • Sport & exercise
    • Life style
    • Nutrition
    • Mindfulness & Mental Health


By being a professional Mentor Coach based on the knowledge of the medical industry, the relationship with healthcare experts, CiMM can support you develop the Comprehensive Healthcare method in a safe and effective way.

Can CiMM provide doctors or healthcare experts/ treatments?

The answer is no, the Mentor Coach will help to develop above 9 Objectives which give you knowledge and motivation to find the right healthcare providers & Method, and having a daily routine health habits.

Let's contact for the Mentor Coach, or feedback to have more sharing on CiMM channels.


  1. Doctors and Nurses know very well about disease, how to prevent disease and treatment.  However not many Medical People pay attention & time on helping patients design the whole journey with management methods, helping patients check the process and the effectiveness of health improvement. CiMM has more than 5 years working with Doctors & Nurse to develop add-in services including designing the comprehensive healthcare package care from disease prevention, treatment, nutrition, sport & exercise, lifestyle, … Contact with CiMM or share the feedback to have more support for the patients.
  2. The Patients who are looking for the right method of daily healthcare habit of nutrition, health, lifestyle, mindfulness … to increase 50% effectiveness of treatment. You don't know how to start the right method. The Mentor Coach will help you find the motivation, discover your health, and find the resource to have the right habits of daily healthcare in a scientific way.
  3. Medical Students want to develop the Mentor Coach in Healthcare.
  4. You care about taking care your health in scientific way.
  5. Healthcare & Wellness provider, Healthcare Experts.


365 Days Mentor Coach – is a Mentor Coach program that is researched, developed and applied daily.

The idea was developed through the CCMP Training program – Certified Coaching and Mentoring Professional – of ITDVietnam.

The topics in the program start from small, practical needs that appear every day in life and professional life.

Some topics are selected to develop into a bigger program.

Some topics will be modeled and shared.

Join CiMM to share and get Mentor Coach or share about interesting topics to help you develop yourself, find balance, health, happiness or breakthrough, make dreams come true… in life and professional life!

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